What We Do As Your Music Publisher


Music Publishing Administration

When your songs are streamed, you could be earning royalties you don’t even know about. RTTM Music Group finds & collects these royalties for you. A publishing administrator does NOT own a part of a composition, but does the work to collect royalties in exchange for a small commission on the royalties earned. We get all your music registered with your Performing Rights Organization (PRO).

Neighboring Rights Administration

There is a lot of money that you are not collecting in neighboring rights royalties. What if someone was collecting it for you already without you even knowing it. Luckily, you have us. We maximize your neighboring rights royalties from around the world so that doesn't happen at all. We have established a network of partners around the world to register our works in their territory for proper collection.

Brand Alignment & Strategy

In order to make an impression in a market, brands need to stand for something. Your music is your Brand. We work with artist to help create their brand. From statistics to demographics, we gather all information to help lead the artist to find the right market for their music. A market that will consume their brand. When you hear of music supervisor's using a certain artist music repetitively, it's not just because their music is superb but foremost because their brand is appealing.

Music Placement In TV/Film

The reality of music licensing is that there are many, many low-dollar licensing opportunities, and a lot fewer big-dollar opportunities. Often, you need to be represented by people with the right relationships in order to get a good shot at the big-dollar opportunities. That's where RTTM Music Group come in. We've established great connections with music supervisors, music coordinators, sub-publishers, and 3rd party licensing companies. Getting your music placed in film and TV can be a game-changer in your career. Music placements are one of the best ways to gain serious exposure for your music. They can also be quite lucrative, with a little luck. Some musicians earn their living off of music placements alone.

Ensure Accurate Royalty Collection

The knowledge we have has enabled us to collect with a high degree of accuracy. We link ISWC’s to ISRC to ensure better collections.

Be With A Music Publisher That Create Royalties - That's Dedicated To Produce Constant Earnings