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New Tracks (All Genres)


 As a Sync Licensing Agent, we are widening our catalog need to meet the increased demand for multiple genres. The only key criteria is - it has to be fresh! No matter what genre of music you create, we want to hear it! 


We work directly with a host of Music Supervisors across EUROPE, USA, Canada and Australia including shows broadcast and/or produced by NBC Universal, CBS Television, Disney ABC, Netflix, Sony Pictures, HBO, Lifetime, and Amazon TV. The licensing includes background cues and promo slots for advertising. 

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Low-Fi Analog Rock


TV Series

Low-Fidelity Analog Rock tracks for use within an upcoming TV Series. The track will be used for scenes where a motorcyclist is riding through different scenic roads therefore slow-tempo and reflective tracks will be ideal. No specific subject matter is required but no sad love songs should be submitted. 

Female/Male Empowerment Tracks


Multiple Genres

We are currently searching for Female or male empowerment tracks from multiple genres to be used within a Film. Tracks should be inspiring and reference victory, winning, overcoming and fighting.  

Reference Tracks:   

Katy Perry - Roar 

Rachel Platten - Fight Song

Netflix Original Song Search

Our client is in search for tracks for a new Original series and continuing seasons of previous series.  

We need music submissions with lyrics that match the theme of being under pressure; competitiveness; never giving up; being on edge; hard work; loneliness; mental illness; saving yourself FROM yourself; identity; reconnecting; love triangle; fighting personal demons; jealousy.

Passion, energy, and excellent musicianship are key for this search. Tracks can be modern or old school but should have great production and performance quality.

Once we have received your submissions, we'll check them out and create a final playlist from a selection of the tracks we've received on here and send it over to our client.

If you're submitting instrumentals they MUST be upbeat, energetic, and artsy. The type you would find on a cooking or travel episode.

*Please make sure that when you submit music to us you either own the rights to them or have the right to represent the songs on behalf of all rights holders.

Seeking Rock Instrumentals for TV & Film

We're getting together many playlist of rock instrumentals for TV & Film production companies. These companies like to have the instrumentals already in their hard drives so any submission will require an mp3 upload of the instrumental. You will receive further details after submission.

We need all types of Rock Instrumentals across all variations of Rock.

AC/DC - Led Zeppelin - Sex Pistols

Aerosmith - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Black Sabbath - The Beach Boys

Guns & Roses, & More


Licensing Deal On All Selected Tracks

Traditional Folk, Americana & Roots


 We are currently searching for traditional Folk, Americana and Roots tracks to be used within an upcoming Showtime TV Series. The tracks could have a vintage vibe or a contemporary music sound. A subject matter that refers to uprising, freedom, revolution and strength are strong subjects for this brief. 

Multiple Genres Specific Themes


 We are currently searching for authentic tracks from multiple genres for a TV show. Tracks should have lyrical themes referencing lack of trust, fires, arson and/or family disputes/breakdowns. 

Summer Beach Music


There's no specific genre on this search. But there is one criteria. 


Our client in Australia wants nothing but feel good summer music. Tracks that compliment beach scenery and partying by the beachside. She spoke about the production having talks on creating a soundtrack to the show and if that becomes the case landing this license will beef up any royalty check.

If you think you have the right song for this brief please get it in. We want to hear it!

Classic / Alternative Rock Tracks


We are currently searching for great, authentic classic rock or alternative rock tracks to showcase to a potential client.

New Indie Pop


We are currently searching for commercial indie-pop tracks for an upcoming project. The project will be a comedy that focuses on a complicated relationship between a rebelling 14-year-old daughter and her mother. It would be great if tracks include lyrical themes of independence and rebellion to better fit the project.

Additionally, tracks must be new - meaning they must have been released in the last year or so or are set to be released in the near future.

Uplifting Motivational Folk


We are currently searching for uplifting and motivating Folk tracks for use within an upcoming Film. 

Tracks should be acoustic with the use of strings and percussion and should not be overly produced or electronic. 

The themes of this film include recovery, redemption and sobering up, therefore, lyrics referencing this would be great.

Chill Indie Pop


We are currently searching for Indie Pop tracks with a cool, chill and summery vibe for an upcoming Internet advertising campaign. The campaign will include imagery of oceans and beaches. 

Female vocals are preferred, however, male vocals are ok if they fit the brief appropriately. Instrumentals accepted.

Please see the reference track for guidance.

Reference Track: Geowulf - Saltwater 

Cool Vibe Contemporary Pop


We are currently searching for cool, contemporary pop tracks for a big brand advert. 

Tracks need to have good energy and interesting characteristics - we're not looking for anything overly electronic or EDM. Please see the reference track for guidance.

Reference Track: Jain - Makeba

Melancholic Indie Pop


 We are currently searching for Melancholic Indie Pop tracks for an upcoming film. The premise of the film follows a couple in their senior year of high school who face a lot of uncertainty for the future of their relationship. Tracks that have a nostalgic feel, but with a contemporary sound will be ideal. Lyrics referencing love, friendship, trust, hope and uncertainty will be preferred. Tracks must not be too sad, but suitable for a young audience. 

Reference Track: Cyn - I Can't Believe

Sorrow, Sad, Emotional Songs


We're in search for dreamy, emotional, and sad sounding recordings. 

Looking for songs to have well-crafted, breezy, light-hearted, emotionally sad melodies. 

This Supervisor is searching for Down to Mid Tempo Songs. 

Universal lyrics that avoid references to specific names, dates, and places would be ideal.

Reference Track: Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing

Wedding Songs, Ballads, Inspirational & Love Songs


We need wedding love songs and ballads that have inspiration in them in some way for a client in the UK. Think Celine Dion & Sam Smith. Their search is for contemporary slow tempo to something barely reaching mid tempo like a mellow and melodic ballad.

Tracks can be male or female vocals. 

Melodic Indie/Post Rock Track for Advert


For a spot of Chinese dairy product brand we are searching for a mid-tempo melodic track with a bright and organic vibe. Preferred genre are indie or post rock.

We prefer tracks that are with dynamic rhythm than just quiet and melodic tracks. 

Fun, Riff Based Rock


We are currently searching for rock tracks with big riffs to feature in an upcoming documentary. 

Check out the reference track as it has all the qualities we're looking for - memorable big riff, fun energy, and catchy hooks.

Reference Track: The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Rhythmic Feel Good Song


We are looking for a positive and rhythmic feel-good song for a retail brand.
It shall symbolize zest for life, enjoying time with friends, welcoming spring.
Client stated there could be a bit of a retro sound, but it's not a must.


Scripts / Use: 1x up to 60 seconds, including Cut-Downs, Edit Variations, Different Tagons, Teaser and Making Of
Media: TV, Internet, Point of sale, Internet Archive, Showreel and PR/Award use
Territory: Czech Republic
License term: 12 months
Exclusivity: no

Modern Rock


We are searching for modern rock tracks for an upcoming TV show. Check the references for an idea of what we're looking for but we're accepting both gritty upbeat guitar tracks as well as softer pop-influenced tracks.

Reference: Two Feet - I Feel Like I'm Drowning

Des Rocs - Let Me Live / Let Me Die

Thrilling Alternative Pop


 We are currently searching for exciting and thrilling Alternative Pop tracks to be used within an upcoming Netflix series. 

The show follows teenage girls who live a double life and become involved with catching wanted criminals, therefore any tracks that can relate to either of these worlds will be ideal. 

But, we are open to hearing any tracks within this genre.

Contemporary Electronic Pop


 We are currently searching for contemporary Electronic Pop tracks from the US to be used for an ongoing reality TV Series. Tracks should reference love, relationships, having a good time and should not be too downtempo. Ideal vocal delivery will be charismatic and have energy. 

Amazon Studios TV Placement

RTTM Music Group is pitching a round of top independent tracks to a production company currently working on several projects distributed to Amazon Studios for TV placements. All top tracks will be considered by in-house music supervisors for usage in productions. Music supervisors are looking for independent artists, publishers and composers with commercial-ready music for the following scenes/scenarios and moods: 


-Action Scenes

-Sentimental Moments

-Chase and Fight Sequences


-Party Scenes



Not genre specific. Tracks need to fit the emotional qualities given above. Orchestral/Classical, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Dubstep, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie Rock, EDM/Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Instrumentals, World Music/Cinematic, Industrial and Cross-Genre music welcome. Music must have unique energy, emotion, and be appropriate for the requested moods. 


- Tracks must be produced, professional, and ready for commercial play.

- Tracks must be appropriate for public performance.

- This is a non-exclusive one-time license.


Songs submitted will be reviewed by our staff. All tracks that match the submission criteria will then be passed along to production company decision-makers for consideration. If selected by the company, RTTM will then provide contact information to complete the process.


*Please make sure that when you submit music to us you either own the rights to them or have the right to represent the songs on behalf of all rights holders.

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We also need the information below (as a bare minimum) about any tracks that you pitch, so make sure your METADATA is updated.

- Song Title

- Artist

- Writers Name & Split

- Master Owner

- Publishing Owner

- PRO Affiliation

- Song Tempo (BPM)

- Song Length

- Sounds Like

- Moods

Tracks without this above information/which do not follow the submission format could end up not being considered.

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